Turtléar provides many opportunities for deaf people to get involve in theatre & media.



The studio (ShORT FILM)

When the door's slam by accident, with 5 deaf and 1 hearing students trapped inside. Can they cope without any signal or wifi inside to contact anyone outside the soundproof studio? While waiting for someone to turn up and open the door, will they be patient with each other? Will they learn who they are? Or will they forget once they get out of The Studio?

Supported by Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's Bridge Week.

Directed & Written by EJ Raymond
Cameraman & Editing by Connor Byrson
Cast: EJ Raymond, Craig McCulloch, Danielle Melvin, Moira Anna McAuslan, Rylan Gleave and Petre Dobre

Extra Cast: Connor Byrson, Natalie MacDonald, Darren McNeil and Ciaran Stewart.

Smoking Kills (short film) - RELEASE TO FILM FESTIVALS!

Rab and Mac, “the carpenters”, tries to impressive Madam how hard working they did with her new carpet in her living room. But, on their break, they realised that they've made a mistake and wants to cover up before madam to turns up. However, will they realised how much massive mistake they have done with themselves?

Supported by Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's Script to Screen course.

Directed & Written by EJ Raymond.
Cameraman - Alia-Lauren Clain.
Editing - Sophie Willinson & Jessica Pezet.
Casts: Moira Anna McAuslan, Craig McCulloch and Connor Byrson.

*Note: If you are Film Festival organiser and would like to have Smoking Kills! on your screen, please contact us.*